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Bampton Design Limited - Company Profile

Bampton Design Limited is a leading bespoke furniture manufacturer, supplying the leisure industry, based at its 37,000 sq ft premises in Witney, West Oxfordshire.

The company was founded and is owned by husband and wife team, Tim Keen and Suzi Fitt, and is proud to be a wholly British company manufacturing traditional, modern and contemporary furniture in the contracts market.

With over 26 years' experience, Bampton Design is now one of the leading makers for the leisure industry, working closely with interior designers, architects, restaurateurs, hoteliers and specifiers. Emphasis has always been on quality of product, innovative design and exceptional service since day one and these qualities have carried the company through both good and more difficult economic times.

Bampton Design offers a completely bespoke service for clients to select from a number of hardwood timbers, including beech, oak and mahogany, which are more typical, and eucalyptus and zebrano, some of the more unusual. All can be combined with wood stains and lacquers, of which there are 16 standard options and a further 60 other variations available. Together with unlimited upholstery fabrics from all over the world, the whole mix makes for some exciting creations. Each day of production brings yet more exclusive furniture, not only for the lucky client that has commissioned Bampton Design, but also for the Bampton team to be proud of.

Investment in a highly skilled workforce has always been important and, was it not for the team at Bampton Design, the company ethos and the excellent pieces it produces, the company's success would not be what it is today. Over 26 years Bampton Design has developed not only a highly skilled workforce, but one that is willing and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the product lives up to client expectation. Whether it is a delivery of over 100 pieces of furniture to Gleneagles in Scotland in record production time or a delivery to a leading five star hotel in London at 4am in time for breakfast, the Bampton Design team never disappoints.

Over the years, Bampton Design has needed to move with the times, not only in the development of new styles of modern and contemporary furniture from its background of traditional, but also new product design that fits the demands of today, with emphasis on what the client wants.

Experiences like this and many, many more, put Bampton Design in a very strong position in the market place, and with the launch of its ninth generation brochure in 2014, will inevitably take the company to the next level.

Encapsulated in our 2014 website are 86 new models of furniture, ranging from dining chairs, arm and tub chairs to occasional tables and bedroom furniture. These new pieces are added to over 400 furniture models produced to date, most of which can be viewed here on the website. This addition gives a truly unique selection of choice, which is second to none in the market.

May 2014

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