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About Us

Welcome to Bampton Design.

WHO are we?

Bampton is a leading British Furniture company manufacturing both contemporary and classical Furniture for the contract market. As a family run company we have been producing quality furniture since 1988. As a leading manufacturer we work closely with independent hotels, hotel groups, golf clubs, cruise liners and restaurants.

WHAT do we do?

We produce our ever growing range of furniture together with the BESPOKE arm of the company. It's here that we aim to produce and develop exciting new pieces whenever it is needed. This is carried out at our Factory in Witney where all production happens. With the whole process all under one roof it allows for complete control and the opportunity for our clients to visit at any time to see their orders in production. We relish our ongoing relationships with our customers.

WHEN to chose Bampton.

Our flexibility is key. There is no set rule to what we can produce. We are blessed with having skilled craftsmen producing quality furniture. Our passion is that the British furniture industry will continue. We are flying the flag as hard as we can and do hope you will appreciate what we manufacture.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Bampton Team!

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